Why Work With National Benefit Plans and Beechtree?

At National Benefit Plans, we strive to provide our agents not only with
the top companies and contracts available, but also the best support
they've ever encountered. We make it possible for you to close
more sales, earn more commission, and have more fun selling
insurance than you ever imagined.
At Beechtree we have added all the additional tools that you will need to launch and maintain your Insurance career.  We have designed product specific training that will take you and your career to the next level. We have developed proven strategies that build the confidence of agents to pursue new and continued business, prepare agents to talk about value and
benefits regardless of the situation and keep cutting edge information in front of agents as they navigate this changing industry.

Here are just a few reasons why NBP is the best Managing General Agent for you:

  • We represent a multitude of top rated companies.
  • We pay our agents top commissions.
  • We can provide our agents with fresh telemarketed leads each week.
  • We offer advance commissions at the time of submission on all of our product lines.
  • We pay out monthly and quarterly production bonuses to our agents.
  • We offer our agents spectacular incentive vacations.
  • We provide spectacular sales support.

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